2021 Spring Break Camp Featured Listings
Clubhouse Kids

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Clubhouse Kids is a local community program of the Thriving Kids Care Society.  We provide a highly relational program where children can develop their five dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual) while instilling positive Christian character, morals and values (such as the need to love everyone, be compassionate, respect all, give generously and to always be thankful). 

We offer day camps throughout all school breaks (winter, spring and summer).  A typical day consist of on-site activities in the morning, off-site activities in the afternoon and at least one all-day field trip each week.  Our activities include cooking, crafts, games, stories, parks, and more!  We provide a variety of activities to allow children to discover and master their interests while building positive relationships with each other.

2019 Spring Break Day Camp
Week 1: March 18-22, 2018
$150 per child (9:00am - 4:00pm)
+$30 for extended care (8:00am-5:30pm)

Week 2: March 25-29, 2018
$120 per child (9:00am - 4:00pm)
+$24 for extended care (8:00am-5:30pm)

Location: South Vancouver​ (near Victoria & 54th)
Please visit our website, send us an email or call for more detailed information.

For more information email us at the southburnaby@4cats.com  info@clubhousekids.ca


Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite

Spring Break Soccer Camp March 25-29th, 2019


Mini Camp (YOB 2012-2014)
Cost:  $110.00
Date:  March 25-29th, 2019
Time:  9:00am to 11:00am

Location:  Gates Park Turf #1 (furthest from the parking lot), Port Coquitlam
Program Information:  This program provides an introduction to soccer for our young players.  Each day is 2 hours full of fun games and activities to keep players excited and motivated using the basic skills of soccer.  Come and join the fun!

Skills & Thrills Camp (YOB 2007-2012)
Cost: $125.00
Date:  March 25 to 29th, 2019
Time:  9:00am to 12:00pm
Location:  Gates Park Turf #1 (furthest from the parking lot), Port Coquitlam

Program Information:  This camp is open to players of all skill and experience levels.  Each day will be filled with 3 hours of fun games and activities that include skill development and game play.  Topics covered will be shooting, passing, small-sided game movement, dribbling and ball control.  On the final day, all players will participate in a Mini World Cup that promises to be action packed!  Come and join the fun!

Please contact Oliver Heald at technicaldirector@pocosoccer.com for more info!

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