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Children Spring Break Camps and Summer Camps in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, and the lower mainland
Looking for a spring break and/or summer camp for your children? Day camp? Sleep-away camp? School vacation day camp? Although camps change quite rapidly, we hope that you will find something you are looking for. If you know of a great camp for children, please send us an e-mail

Please note that every effort will be made to ensure that the camps are up-to-date, however, they do change often.

Millions of kids go to camp each year, continuing a summer tradition that's been around for generations. Camp is so much more than just getting your kids into nature! Your children will learn leadership skills, outdoor survival skills, canoeing, boating, social skills, have fun sitting around a campfire talking and singing, swimming, and many, many other sports and activities.

Most Recommended Camps:

 Clubhouse Kids - Kids Winter, Spring, and Summer Day Camps in Vancouver BC

Clubhouse Kids 

Thriving Kids Care Society

Clubhouse Kids is a local community program of the Thriving Kids Care Society.  We provide a highly relational program where children can develop their five dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual) while instilling positive Christian character, morals and values (such as the need to love everyone, be compassionate, respect all, give generously and to always be thankful).  

We offer day camps throughout all school breaks (winter, spring and summer).  A typical day consist of on-site activities in the morning, off-site activities in the afternoon and at least one all-day field trip each week.  Our activities include cooking, crafts, games, stories, parks, and more!  We provide a variety of activities to allow children to discover and master their interests while building positive relationships with each other.

Please visit our website, send us an email or call for more detailed information.

CLUBHOUSE KIDS is a program for children in kindergarten to age 8.
CLUBHOUSE PRETEENS is a program for preteens ages 9-12.

2021 Summer Day Camp
Summer registration begins Friday, April 2 @ 10:00am
July 5 - August 27 (8 weeks total)

Whats’s New for 2021:

* Gradual re-introduction of off-site field trips
* Updated COVID-19 Response Plan
* Launch of Richmond location
* Expanding the size of our summer team

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