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Location: Lonsdale Quay Market beside Cheshire Cheese , North Vancouver
Time: Saturdays/Sundays
Rates: $75/4 sessions

Help jumpstart your child's learning success with MyBaby Learning. Get the best education from experienced engineers. Learn robotics, science, math, reading and more!

Robotics & Programming: Students get an in-depth understanding of mechanical and structural principles built into everyday machines. By building, designing, and testing solutions, students work as young scientist. We work with preschool age to introduce robotics and programming through playful learning experiences. Our curriculum is the perfect introduction to technology. Children become small engineers.

Math: we will work with students to succeed in math through problem solving. By using real-life understanding, students feel encouraged and motivated to think, and speak freely about math. The guided lessons make abstract math tangible and ignites students’ learning of the competencies needed to do mathematical problem solving.All teachers are professional engineers and ECE with First Aid and Criminal Record Checks.

Telephone 778 877 1801
Web Site http://www.mybabyset.com/#!learning-centre/qyxhc

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