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Looking for Birthday Party ideas for your kids?As parents, we are constantly looking for children's clubs and activities of an academic and/or sports nature including clubs such as Math, Soccer, Baseball, Chess, Gymnastics, Archery, Yoga, Parkour, Special Needs, Educational opportunities, ESL, and much more. Parents also need information about before and after school Day Care, Child Care for Pre-schoolers, Special Needs, Music and Badminton to mention just a few. Family activites, including Birthday parties, during the week, on weekends and during special holidays and events are hard to find. is here to fill this gap and save parents time, money and effort in finding the information they so desperately are searching for to better the lives of our families and our children's lives. 

Sometimes as parents we have to travel long distances to find academic and sports clubs, events and/or activities we want for our children which further limits our time and financial resources that are becoming even more scarce as the global economy worsens.

For clubs, schools and organizations,  please Contact Us now for 2016 Summer Camps listing advertising opportunity!

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